Russia: Watch Zapad-2017 large-scale drills kick off in the Baltic Sea

Four corvettes of Russia’s Navy Baltic Sea fleet conducted exercises in Baltic Sea within the framework of Zapad-2017 Russia-Belarus joint drills, Monday. The «Soorbrazitelniy», the «Stoikiy’, the «Steregushchiy», the «Boikiy» corvettes successfully carried out tasks as repelling air missile attacks and artillery strike against maritime and coastal targets. All the warships taking part in... Еще drills are of the «Steregushchiy» (Russian: vigilant) class, the newest class of multipurpose corvette in the Russian Navy and they are capable for littoral zone operations, engagement of enemy submarines and surface ships, and gun support of landing operations. Joint Russian-Belarussian strategic exercises Zapad-2017 are being held on September 14-20. About 12,700 military personnel, about 70 aircraft, and helicopters are involved, up to 680 combat vehicles, including about 250 tanks, up to 200 guns, jet systems salvo fire and mortars, as well as 10 ships take part in large-scale drills.

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