Russia: Watch GIANT CLAW tear down Moscow’s ‘Resident Evil’ hospital

Demolition work on Moscow's Khovrino hospital is in full swing as giant crane-mounted claws tear the abandoned building down piece by piece. Nicknamed the «Umbrella» by Muscovites owing to its resemblance to the Umbrella Corporation symbol from the Resident Evil franchise, the building is one of the capital's most infamous unfinished projects. Many local legends have also been born at the... Еще site, including that it was once home to a satanic cult, the corpse of a dog with its legs bound was found there and a jilted lover jumped to their doom from the roof. Construction work on the 1,300-bed hospital began in 1980, but stopped by the 90s. One version of events suggests that work was ceased due to lack of funds, while another has it that the ground below the hospital began to subside, making the building unsafe. Four apartment blocks will be built in its place, as part of the Moscow government's residential building renovation programme. The total area of the complex is expected to be 315,000 square metres (3,390,632 square feet).

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