Russia: Washington supply of weapons pushing Kiev to «mass bloodshed» — Zakharova

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said the US is pushing Kiev to «resume mass bloodshed in Donbass», during a briefing in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow, on Thursday. Zakharova stressed that Moscow was, «disappointed that Washington gave a license to their unnamed arms producer for a delivery to Kiev of the large-caliber sniper riffle Barrett M107A1.» She added, «By... Еще providing weapons to the Kiev authorities, the United States actually pushes them to resume mass bloodshed in Donbass.» On the topic of Syrian peace talks held in Geneva she said they «were deliberately failed.» She noted that Moscow regrets «United Nations (UN) Special Envoy to Mr de Mistura didn’t reflect a proper evaluation of the opponents’ clearly provocative statements during the December round of Syrian-led consultations.» Discussing the Israeli-Palestine conflict, the spokesperson stated that «the best way out of the extremely unfavorable situation that is developing regarding the Palestinian-Israeli issue would be the renewal of a direct dialogue between the parties in order to reach a stable and long-term settlement of the conflict.»


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