Russia: US Senator Rand Paul invites Russian delegation to Washington

Chairperson of the Russian Federation Council's Foreign Affairs Committee Konstantin Kosachev met with US Senator Rand Paul in Moscow on Monday, to boost ties between Moscow and Washington. «My goal in coming to Russia is to say that we want to have open lines of communication. It does not mean that we have no differences, it does not mean that we will not on occasion have discussion that... Еще important we disagree,» said Paul. In turn, Kosachev argued that anti-Russia sanctions harm bilateral relations, noting that diplomacy is needed, saying that «each such meeting is important for better understanding of each other and for the discussion of possibilities in resolving today's deadlock in our relationship.» Paul said, «Those who believe in either country that we should not have diplomacy are greatly mistaken. Diplomacy, conversations, dialogue, communication — all of that is incredibly important.» The Kentucky senator also invited members of the Russian parliament's upper house to visit Washington D.C.

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