Russia: US Security Strategy shows 'unwillingness to let go of unipolar world' — Peskov *AUDIO*

Press Secretary for the President of Russia Dmitri Peskov said that the new US Security Strategy demonstrated «an unwillingness to let go of the unipolar world», during a phone conference on Tuesday. «Of course we can't agree with such an attitude towards our country as a threat to US security,» he said, adding «there are modest positive elements; in particular, there is willingness to cooperate... Еще with Russia in areas corresponding to US interests.» Peskov underlined that the information provided by the US Central Intelligence Agency about an alleged terrorist attack planned in St. Petersburg «helped save many lives,» during a phone conference on Monday. On Friday, Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) announced that it had detained a cell of IS supporters in a special operation on December 13-14 that had planned to commit a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg by detonating explosive devices in crowded places. Russian President Vladimir Putin phoned US President Donald Trump on Sunday to express his gratitude for the information that the CIA provided which prevented a terrorist attack in Saint Petersburg.


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