Russia: US sanctions to impact bilateral relations «for years to come»

Chair of the Federation Council’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Konstantin Kosachev, called US' anti-Russia sanctions a «notable knockdown» predicting that the law's consequences «will be seen in Russia-US relations for years to come», during a phone interview from Moscow, Wednesday. Kosachev went on to note that it is necessary for Moscow to «plan counter measures in a temperate manner from the... Еще perspective of our own interests.» He, however, added that the response should be «notable for the USA.» He also cast doubt in the US President Donald Trump's ability to oppose signing of the law. «He [Trump] officially and publicly admitted that at this stage he is weaker than Congress, at least on sanctions policy; he is not able to oppose this policy and bows his head,» claimed Kosachev. In July, the US Congress passed the bill that would impose new economic sanctions against Russia, targeting mining, defence, and shipping industries, among others. In response, Moscow stated that the US must cut the number of diplomatic staff working in the country to 455 personnel by September 1, and halt their usage of summer houses and embassy storage facilities in Moscow by August 1.

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