Russia: UN's Libya mission has «reached a dead end» — LNA Chief Haftar *EXCLUSIVE*

Libyan National Army (LNA) Commander Khalifa Haftar recorded an exclusive interview in Moscow on Tuesday, touching upon topics such as terrorism, the supply of arms to Libya, UN actions in Libya, Qatar’s diplomatic crisis, and his plans for Libya’s presidential elections. Discussing the supply of arms to Libya, Haftar said that since Russia has global influence, “we asked it to soften the unfair... Еще resolutions adopted against us, in connection with the imposition of an embargo on the supply of arms.” Talking about Russia’s help in fighting terrorism, the LNA head stated that “Moscow always interacts with us based on reality and its conviction” and “our [Libya’s] position is closer to Moscow’s position.” Haftar went on to say that the UN’s attempts to end hostilities in Libya “have reached a dead end,” since “the UN has proposed specific solutions in many areas [of the world]. But, unfortunately, these decisions were not satisfactory and therefore did not bring results.” For more on this story:
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