Russia: UK’s Skripal suspect’s on life after accusations *EXCLUSIVE*

SOT, Ruslan Boshirov (Russian): “It is hard to say. Do we think about it, well… We are living in it. I would like to say one thing — if the real poisoners will ever be found, they would have apologised to us.” SOT, Margarita Simonyan, RT Editor-in-Chief (Russian): “Who, poisoners?” SOT, Alexander Petrov (Russian): “UK.” Boshirov: “At least for the fact that it is discussed for a week, five... Еще days — I am lost in dates.” Petrov: “You can’t imagine what is happening.” Boshirov: “You can’t even leave your car, you can’t even put gas in it in peace.” Simonyan: “Are you being widely recognized” Petrov: “We think that we are being recognized. How can we act differently, if we are being shown at the TV?” Boshirov: “Every day, two photos full screen. You turn on the radio — Boshirov, Petrov. You turn on the TV — Boshirov, Petrov. How would you live? I am really scared. I am afraid. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. That’s why we came here to you.” Petrov: “I am trying not to watch news anymore. Sometimes I just ask him — is there anything new? And I am waiting for him to reply — no, nothing new. But instead he says — yes, there is more. It is being discussed more and more.” Simonyan: “What are you going to do next?” Petrov: “It is unclear. We would really want to just be left alone.” **PART 2, MORE TO FOLLOW**

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