Russia: UK demonises Moscow to gain popularity — Zakharova

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova blamed the United Kingdom government of demonising Russia in order to gain popularity in Britain, during her weekly news briefing in Moscow on Wednesday. «Creating an enemy in the face of Russia against the background of the events in Salisbury, the government of the UK tries to resolve their own immediate issues,» Zakharova said. The... Еще spokesperson stated that British officials are portraying Russia as a threat in order to modernise their own armed forces. «There is a direct link — Russia attacked Great Britain, we need more money, we need more weapons. It's obvious that anti-Russian rhetoric in London is off the charts, the officials' declarations are more and more beyond the rational mind,» Zakharova stated. She also took on the issue of the British Foreign Office deleting a tweet claiming British scientists had proved Russia was to blame for the Salisbury nerve agent attack. «The UK Foreign Office has erased from the Twitter the information that the agent which poisoned Skripal was produced in Russia. Very strong, right? The Prime Minister [Theresa May] actually spoke on the basis of all that,» she added.

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