Russia: Twins sister separated at birth reunited after 35 years in Perm

SOT, Ksenia Muzafarova, twin sister (Russian): “I didn’t feel it before. But I was feeling that I am not living my life. I change my name once, I was preparing myself for that, so it means that Lyuba is not my name. So I change my name in my passport. Then I got married, changed my surname.” Twin sisters Ulyana Kiselyova and Ksenia Muzafarova were separated at birth but finally found each other... Еще after 35 years thanks to a lucky coincidence. The sisters and their parents Vladimir and Galina talked about how it all happened in their hometown of Perm on Friday. The sisters were born prematurely on December 5, 1982 in Perm Maternity Hospital № 7, but since one of the sisters, Ksenia, was only 1,5 kg [3.3 lb], it was decided she be transferred to Perm Children's Hospital № 13. One month after the baby girl was strong enough to be taken home with her family, so the father Vladimir rushed into the hospital. He recounted what happened next: “The fact is that the child was handed over to me wrapped in a blanket. The nurse, who passed the baby to me, opened the blanket, showed me her face and asked whether the child was mine. I replied that of course it was. If they gave me the child, it meant that she was there [in the hospital] and, thus, [she was] mine.” The sisters were named Ulyana and Yulia, and despite the difference in the girls appearance and behaviour, the parents didn’t question whether they had the right baby. “When they were just brought from the hospital we didn’t notice anything strange. All relatives accepted them. Everyone was looking for a resemblance. So, we never had any questions. The older they got, the more obvious the differences became. Frankly, I’ve always had my doubts, but I’ve never told anyone,” Vladimir said. In the end the doubts were not groundless. The children had been mixed up by the hospital staff and the Shilov family took home someone else’s daughter, while Ksenia was taken home by a woman called Yelena who eventually lost custody of her children. As a result, Ksenia was brought up in an orphanage. Ksenia described her life: “Of course life was not easy. I had to live far away from my parents, I didn’t have parents at all. I was not loved or taken care of.” The twin sisters finally found each other again due to a happy coincidence. “[My friend] Lena called me and said she just saw me. I said that it couldn’t be possible since I was at home watching TV,” Ulyana recounted. Soon afterwards the sisters met for the first time in 35 years. Despite growing up without knowing each other both of them confirmed they found connection immediately at the first meeting. “Now I have a feeling that we have been together all our lives. That’s how close we are now,” Ulyana said. Yulia, the girl who was mixed up in the hospital and grew up in the Shilov family, is in shock as well, but according to Vladimir, nothing has changed for them and Yulia remains part of the family. Ulyana and Ksenia have filed a lawsuit against the maternity hospital for 55 million roubles (€752,000) over psychological damage to the family. The court will need to examine the data from the maternity hospital, registry office, and children’s hospital from archive. The investigation is still ongoing.

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