Russia: TV broadcasts ‘Yulia Skripal hospital call with cousin’

SOT, Viktoria Skripal (Russian): «Hello.» SOT, Yulia Skripal (Russian): «Can you hear me?» SOT, Viktoria Skripal (Russian): «Yes, I can hear you!» SOT, Yulia Skripal (Russian): «It's Yulia Skripal.» SOT, Viktoria Skripal (Russian): «Oh gosh! Yulia, I hear your voice, but I could not understand it is was you or not. Have you been given a phone?» SOT, Yulia Skripal (Russian): «Yes, yes... Еще.» SOT, Viktoria Skripal (Russian): «Thank god. Are you ok?» SOT, Yulia Skripal (Russian): «Everything is ok.» SOT, Viktoria Skripal (Russian): «Look, if I get a visa tomorrow, I will fly to you on Monday.» SOT, Yulia Skripal (Russian): «No one will give you a visa, Vika.» SOT, Viktoria Skripal (Russian): «Yes, I think so as well. But if they give it to me, I will need you to say a word ‘yes’ if I can come to see you.» SOT, Yulia Skripal (Russian): «I think no, the situation is like this, we will figure it out later.» SOT, Viktoria Skripal (Russian): «I know.» SOT, Yulia Skripal (Russian): «Let's figure it out later. Everything is ok, we will see you later.» SOT, Viktoria Skripal (Russian): «Is this your phone number?» SOT, Yulia Skripal (Russian): «It's a temporary phone, everything is ok and then we will see, we will decide [what to do]. You know what the situation is like here. But all is good, everything can be solved. Everyone is getting better and is alive.» SOT, Viktoria Skripal (Russian): «Is dad ok?» SOT, Yulia Skripal (Russian): «He is ok, getting rest, slipping now. Everyone’s health is ok. There is nothing what can be unresolved. I will be out soon, everything is ok.» SOT, Viktoria Skripal (Russian): «Ok, bye dear.» SOT, Yulia Skripal (Russian): «Ok, bye.» Russian broadcaster VGTRK released a recording on Thursday of an alleged phone conversation between Yulia Skripal speaking from hospital and her cousin Viktoria Skripal in Moscow. The recording was aired during 60 minutes TV program in Moscow. During the phone call, woman who is believed to be Yulia Skripal stated that she and her former double agent father are recovering — «he is ok, getting rest, sleeping now. Everyone’s health is ok.» The woman also stated that she expects to be discharged from UK hospital soon: «There is nothing what can be unresolved. I will be out soon, everything is ok.» Neither VGTRK nor Ruptly could not verify the authenticity of the recording.

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