Russia: «Truth is OAR doping!» — Neutral Olympic uniform designed for Russian fans

Russian branding agency DDVB has designed an alternative neutral Olympic uniform for Russian fans that does not violate the restrictions set by the International Olympic Committee, as shown in footage shot in Moscow, Tuesday. «Inspiration was born out of the feeling of humiliation from the situation, it was just like that, the idea came,» art director Yulia Filatova said, adding that the «[IOC... Еще] banned our flag and national anthem and Russia, leaving just OAR, so we had to work with that.» «To deprive people of their own country is daft, really. No matter what uniform they're wearing we know they're our athletes,» project leader Dmitry Peryshkov added. Last month, the IOC released its set of requirements for neutral uniforms, which must not include national emblems or the colors of the Russian flag. The range of clothing, flags and badges released by DDVD includes none of these. Instead, the agency released a series of designs that can be downloaded by fans free of charge and taken to PyeongChang. Slogans include «Here we OAR,» «You know OAR flag,» and «Truth is OAR doping.»

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