Russia: ‘Trust but verify’ — Russian UK ambassador on Salisbury and Amesbury poisonings

Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom Alexander Yakovenko spoke about the Salisbury and Amesbury poisonings during a press conference in Moscow on Thursday. He reiterated Russia’s stance that access to the investigation and test results on the substance should be granted to Russian specialists. “No one in the world possesses any official materials regarding what happened in Great Britain at... Еще the moment. I would like to quote the former President of the USA Mr. Reagan as saying, ‘Trust but verify.’ This is the case we want to verify,” he said. He also noted that the Russian consulate in Great Britain received a letter from deputy foreign minister thanking Russia for its hospitality during the World Cup 2018. Russian ambassador to France Alexei Meshkov also spoke at the conference. Commenting on ending the Russian Business France trade mission, he said that this would not affect trade and economic relations which are currently on the rise. On 16 July, Business France, the government agency charged with promoting French companies abroad, terminated all the services in Russia, according to the French embassy.

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