Russia: Trust between Russia and US «well below zero» — Deputy FM Ryabkov

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that trust in the US-Russian relationship is “well, well below zero” during his talk at the Moscow Nonproliferation Conference 2017, on Friday. “As long as the US side will continuously reject any idea of providing us with a slightest piece of information that could underpin and support all these empty and unacceptable accusations, on... Еще everything from so-called Russian meddling to so-called Russian non-compliance with the INF Treaty and further on, we would not be able to have a meaningful dialogue,” he continued. Ryabkov called the deal a «fragile and subtly considered balance of interests” and defined any attempts to change it «unrealistic», in light of US President Trump’s recent change in approach to the Iran nuclear agreement. Ryabkov said that the fewer attempts that were made to “manipulate the situation” by raising the stakes, the less likely the situation would be to “run out of control.” The conference brought together over 200 experts, scientists and diplomats from 40 countries, and representatives of international organisations. The current state of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and prospects for the 2020 NPT Review Cycle are the major issues on the Conference agenda.

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