Russia: Truck roof collapses under ’Scarlet Sails’ viewers in St. Petersburg

Dozens of people climbing on top of a truck to see the ‘Scarlet Sails’ fireworks display in Saint Petersburg caused the vehicle’s roof to collapse under their weight, as shown in footage filmed by an eyewitness on Saturday evening. One woman was reportedly injured in the incident. Police are currently searching for people who climbed on top of the truck, as well as calculating the damages the... Еще vehicle suffered The ‘Scarlet Sails’ celebration is dedicated to young people who are graduating from school. The tradition dates back to the post-World War II era when Leningrad school students were inspired by Alexander Grin's popular 1922 children's book 'Scarlet Sails'. The scarlet-sailed ship which navigates the Neva River symbolises hope, dreams and a bright future.

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