Russia: This Russian phone will protect your business from cyber attacks

The Russian IT-security company InfoWatch unveiled an anti-surveillance smartphone dubbed 'TaigaPhone, at the 2017 Business Information Security Summit (BIS), in Moscow, Friday. InfoWatch CEO Alexei Nagorniy stressed that TaigaPhone will ensure that «neither any corporate documents nor corporate information can leak from an organisation.» He went on to note that the phone will allow to «fully... Еще control all the information which goes through this mobile device.» InfoWatch's firmware, embedded in TaigaPhone, defends from «an unauthorised remote connection to the phone's data as well as the information capture.» Equipped with a quad-core processor and a five-inch touch screen, TaigaPhone varies in price «between 12,000 and 15,000 [rubles] [€174,000-217 EUR/$208,000-260,000],» according to the InfoWacth head.
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