Russia: «They were looking for explosives» — Zakharova on FBI search at Russian diplomatic facilities

Russia's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova dismissed the significance of the recent FBI search conducted at a Russian diplomatic facility in the USA, speaking in a televised interview in Moscow, Sunday. «They were looking for explosives. That's what we were told by the State Department,» said the spokesperson, adding,«this show was needed to keep the anti-Russian theme afloat. Now... Еще, there is a new electoral cycle coming in accordance with the legislative assemblies of the United States and of course the viewer must believe and know that there is such [Russian] evil.» «This is a particular political group of people who will worsen relations in order to prove by such methods that Russia interfered in the elections» concluded Zakharova. «Russia allegedly chose their president, Russia allegedly hacked their computers. They do it all for this, and professionals who are involved in all of this are shocked by what is happening.» FBI officials inspected the offices of the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco on Saturday just before its closure along with a chancery annex in Washington DC and a Russian consular annex in New York City, according to the executive order. The move comes after Moscow ordered a reduction of US diplomatic staff in Russia in response to additional US sanctions.
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