Russia: 'There was no real help' — Survivor recounts Kemerovo deadly blaze

A survivor of the blaze that tore through the Winter Cherry shopping centre, Alexei Busygin, said that the fire could have been contained if there were proper fire protection devices in the building, speaking from Kemerovo on Monday. Busygin said, «If there were means of evacuation, like fire extinguishers or fog nozzles, it would have been possible [to save people]. I mean, initially the... Еще epicentre was not that big. So if there were means to put out the fire, I think it would have been possible to contain it.» He stressed that emergency crews failed to provide the necessary help at the site of the incident, saying that «there was no big panic as such, but there was no real help as well. We were helping people ourselves.» At least 64 people were killed in the blaze, including many children. Emergency crews continue their rescue mission, with more people feared trapped beneath the rubble. The Investigative Committee is considering three causes of the incident, including a malfunction of the electrical wiring, an arson attack or a spontaneous ignition in the children's area, with some reports claiming that a child may have got hold of a lighter and set foam-rubber balls on fire. The source of the blaze was located on the top floor where several cinema halls and children's playgrounds with attractions are located.

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