Russia: 'The new face of Russian politics' — mixed race entrepreneur becomes 2018 presidential hopeful

Russian entrepreneur and blogger Samson Sholademi described himself as «symbolising the new face of Russian politics» after announcing his decision to run in the 2018 presidential elections, in Moscow, Thursday. «People often vote not for a person, but for a symbol. I am symbolising the new face of Russian politics. You know, we have seen the same faces in Russian politics for the past 10-15... Еще years except for two or three people. And then here I am completely out of the blue», he said. Sholademi is an entrepreneur and blogger from Moscow who «doesn't have money» to fund a campaign, but hopes money may come from «interested parties.» «Let's face it, you knew nothing about me a week ago and now you are talking about me,» he quipped. According for Sholademi, he wants to bring attention to local problems in Moscow, such as Terletsky Park. Joining Sholademi earlier in the race were socialite Kseniia Sobchak and television presenter Ekaterina Gordon, who also announced their presidential ambitions for the 2018 elections.
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