Russia: «The mother covered the child with her body» — 4-year-old plane crash survivor returns home

SOT, Elena Leontieva, girl's grandmother (Russian): «Why? She asked me where everyone was now. I told her — they went home.» SOT, Elena Leontieva, girl's grandmother (Russian): «Well, I also think so, of course.» SOT, reporter (Russian): «She was sitting in her hands?» SOT Evgeny Arkhinos, director of Nelkan Airport (Russian): «No, she sat next to her.» The 4-year-old sole survivor of a plane... Еще crash near Nelken village, on Wednesday, has returned home for the first time, Thursday. The girl's grandmother, Elena Leontieva, has explained to reporters that her granddaughter has no memory of the incident. Nina Pahomova, director of Nelkan School, believes that the child survived because her mother covered her child's body with her own, shortly before impact. Pahomova stated, «She was found lying on her, because she could not act any other way in this situation. Knowing that all was about to end, she had the goal of saving this child». The girl was the sole survivor of a seven-passenger-plane that crashed shortly after midday in the Eastern Russian village of Nelken.

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