Russia: 'The law is the law' — Peskov on US investor Calvey's case *PARTNER CONTENT*

Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitri Peskov commented on the case of US investor Michael Calvey, who is being investigated over fraud allegations, speaking in an exclusive interview on RT’s SophieCo, aired on Monday. «What comes to the Michael Calvey’ case, that’s a very unfortunate case, we are very sorry about that. Of course, we would like to see Michael among the participants of the [the St... Еще. Petersburg International Economic] forum because he’s been quite an active player in the Russian market since…For more than 15 years,» said Peskov. «He [Putin] is receiving reports about that because it’s quite a loud case and he understands that it provokes lots of questions among some foreign investors. But the law is the law — you have to obey,» he stated. The Kremlin spokesperson also talked about the so-called Sovereign Internet bill that is coming into force in November, which is aimed at allowing the Russian internet segment to continue working if Russia is completely cut off from global infrastructure. He stressed that «we have to be self-sufficient, we have to be sovereign in all our capacities. All this is also applicable to the internet. Internet is an international environment but, unfortunately, we are living in a world where international law can be jeopardised by certain countries. We have to take measures of precaution.» See Ruptly's previous coverage: mandatory courtesty to rt

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