Russia: ‘The ball is in the American court' — Putin on Russia-US relations

SOT, Sergey Brilev, Russian journalist (Russian): “So preparation for the meeting is already underway, but so far only in the US?” SOT, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (Russian): «I did not say that. That's what you said. I want to say that we are ready for the development, deepening and normalisation of relations with the United States. Instruments can be different, including personal... Еще meetings.» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* SOT, Sergey Brilev, Russian journalist (Russian): «Was the contest for the [successor] already announced?» SOT, Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): «You know, I honestly said that life will show who has achieved what, and who has the right to claim for something. In the end, indeed, the citizens of Russia will determine who is the most worthy[successor].» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* *JUMPCUT AT SOURCE* Russian President Vladimir Putin said that dialogue between himself and his US counterpart Donald Trump «can be constructive,» during an interview filmed in Moscow on Thursday. According to the Russian leader, a possible meeting with the US president will be “useful. The only question is whether the domestic political situation in the United States would allow this [to happen].» Vladimir Putin stated that he expects US President Donald Trump to fulfil one of his electoral promises concerning improving Russian-American relations. “Trump fulfils his promises given during his election campaign. One of the promises is to improve Russian-American relations. I hope that this will happen as well. In any case, we are ready for this. I believe that the ball is in the American court,» Putin said.

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