Russia: Thank you for everything Russia! — UK MEP joins Moscow's Immortal Regiment march

SOT, Reporter: “Have you seen this kind of event ever before?” Janice Atkinson, Member of European Parliament for South East England: “No, it is quite amazing actually. I always respect Remembrance Day in November on 11th day in London, but this is quite amazing. It is supposed to be a million people here, and I think we are three kilometers away from the Red Square so we are going to march. It... Еще is quite something.” According to organisers, up to a million people took part in Moscow's Immortal Regiment march on Wednesday, on the 73rd anniversary of Victory Day to honour those Russians that fought in World War II. People marched along Tverskaya Street to Moscow's Red Square, holding portraits of their relatives and unknown veterans of the war. Among the participating in the march were foreigners, including Member of European Parliament for South East England Janice Atkinson, who said that she attended the march to honour her family member who participated in the war and to «say 'thank you' for everything Russia did in getting us rid of the Nazis and ridding Europe of the Nazis, and just to pay homage to my father.” “That is very important, that is why we came here. We knew there would be not many Polish people here, so we had to come and participate in such an event, in order to let not only the Russian people know that Polish were fighting during the Second World War, but also to let the Polish people know that Russians are our friends,” stated an attendee from Poland.

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