Russia: Temporary shelter set up for survivors of Vladimir Region train-bus collision

bus passenger (Russian): «Everyone was awaken. Everything happened quickly.» journalist (Russian): «How much time passed while the train was going?» bus passenger (Russian): «One minute and a half.» journalist (Russian): «And were the fences opened?» bus passenger (Russian): «I don't know.» journalist (Russian): «So you didn't see if there was a red light or not? And you were on your way to... Еще Uzbekistan from Moscow?» bus passenger (Russian): «Yes.» journalist (Russian): «And why didn't you choose a highway?» bus passenger (Russian): «I don't know.» journalist (Russian): «The driver made this decision?» bus passenger (Russian): «Yes.» journalist (Russian): «Have you been working in Moscow somewhere already?» bus passenger (Russian): «No.» journalist (Russian): «Guys, and did you have families with you?» bus passenger (Russian): «No.» journalist (Russian): «But there children who are in hospital.» bus passenger (Russian): «Yes, my cousin's wife and children.» journalist (Russian): «They came to Moscow to visit their relatives?» bus passenger (Russian): «Yes.» Shelter has been provided for the surviving victims of a deadly accident in Vladimir, stated the Deputy Governor of the region Mikhail Kolkov in a statement from the city, Friday. Sixteen people were killed in a collision between a train and a bus at a crossing near Pokrov station near the city of Vladimir in the early hours of Friday morning. At least five people were seriously injured, including two children who were taken the Vladimir Children's Teaching Hospital. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is now identifying the cause of the accident. There are conflicting accounts as to the cause of the crash. Passengers on the bus included 55 Uzbek citizens and 2 Kazakh citizens.
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