Russia: Syrian refugees returning home shows govt. 'doesn’t take revenge' — Syrian general

Syrian General Hassan Ahmed Hassan said the fact that Syrian refugees are returning to their homes shows “that the government doesn’t take revenge on those who return,” speaking via video link to Russia's Ministry of Defence in Moscow on Wednesday. “Return of residents to areas liberated from terrorists by the Syrian army […] is conclusive evidence that the government doesn’t take revenge on... Еще those who return and works for providing people with food, water, places for treatment, and settlement, conditions for normal life,” the general said. Chief of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of the Opposing Parties in Syria, Alexei Tsygankov, for his part said that nearly 3,000 refugees have returned to Syria via the two checkpoints created on the Jordanian and Lebanese borders. Tsygankov added that a third checkpoint on the border region was opened on Wednesday morning.

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