Russia: Syrian militants to imitate govt. chemical weapons use against civilians — MoD

«We have reliable information on the training of militants to imitate the use of chemical weapons against civilians by government forces,» said the Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov in Moscow on Tuesday. «A crowd of women, children and the elderly were brought from other areas in order to imitate victims of a chemical incident. There are already activists from... Еще the White Helmets as well as film crews with satellite video broadcasting equipment,» Gerasimov said. Gerasimov added that the US would «accuse Syrian government forces of using chemical weapons» and then respond by conducting a «missile and bomb raid on the government districts of Damascus». Gerasimov also said that if any Russian military personnel were lost in a strike, «the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will take retaliatory measures of influence on both the missiles themselves, as well as carriers which will launch them.»

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