Russia: Syrian constitutional reform committee created at Sochi congress — Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that “the Congress approved the statement on the basic principles of the future state structure of Syria,” at a stakeout session with media at the Syrian National Dialogue Congress, in Sochi, Tuesday. “The principles are key norms of international law: respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence of Syria, ensuring the rights... Еще of all ethnic and confessional groups,” the foreign minister stated. He also went on to say, “it was decided to form a constitutional committee, which will include delegates elected today,» adding: The committee will additionally include the delegates who, due to some reasons, could not participate at the Congress. The result will be given to the UN. In accordance with resolution 2254, the new structure will be organised in Geneva.” The Syrian National Dialogue Congress took place between January 29 and 30. Around 1,600 delegates representing the entire spectrum of Syria's political, civil and ethno-confessional forces have participated in the congress.


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