Russia: Stranded baby whale in «tragic situation» — witness pleads for animal's rescue *AUDIO*

A baby bowhead whale was discovered stranded at the bay of the Sea of Okhotsk, near Bolshoi Shantar Island, Thursday. Traveller and blogger Sergei Dolya gave a first-hand account of events as they unfolded. «This morning the bowhead whale entered the bay near Bolshoi Shantar Island, not so far away from Sakhalinsk at the Sea of Okhotsk. The whale is not very big; maybe he is two years old... Еще, approximately ten metres long, maybe even less,» Dolya explained. «The situation now is very tragic, because now we are sitting at the bay and watching the poor immobilised animal,» the traveller stated, adding «we are watching him, but cannot do anything as we have been forbidden from doing anything by employees of the National Park.» Early Thursday morning the baby whale swam into the bay, getting stuck at low tide. Trying to escape, the animal injured itself and began bleeding. Volunteers and local activists were able to pour water over its eyes to keep it alive and ease its suffering and hope that the next tide will move the animal into the sea.

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