Russia: 'Stalin’s Front Mammoth' recreated for Victory Day parade

A recreation of the famous five-turreted T-35 tanks, made by workers at the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, was on display in the Russian town on Sunday. Mechanics and engineers from the company recreated the design of the famous tank using plans from the 1930s. A team of 20 specialists has been working on the 40-ton vehicle for a year. According to the company's... Еще press centre, restorers based the recreation on the original drawings and photographs of the tank, as today there is only one T-35 left, located in the Moscow Museum of armored vehicles. The recreated T-35 tank went on a trial excursion and will participate in the Victory Day parade on May 9. Later it will join the exposition of the Museum of Armored Vehicles in Verkhnyaya Pyshma. Head of Motor and Tractor Department of Ural Company Farid Hafizov said: «The machine is complicated. The most difficult one of all the exhibits we've ever made. The length of the machine is more than 10 meters, it has 5 towers.» Developed before WWII, only 59 units were made but it proved mechanically unreliable and in the battle of Kursk more T-35s were lost to malfunction than enemy fire. The T-35 tank is a legendary vehicle. It was called «Stalin's Front Mammoth» and «Land battleship». The words «For courage» are depicted on the medal. In the early 30s of the last century, it was considered the most powerful in the world. However, the first battles of the Great Patriotic war demonstrated that the T-35 had become hopelessly obsolete. It was too slow while the armor was too thin. The majority of T-35 tanks were reportedly lost due to technical faults but not in battles.

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