Russia: Sobchak joins protest against noxious landfill in Volokolamsk

Around 4,000 residents held a rally near the Yadrovo waste landfill in Moscow region on Saturday, demanding the closure of the site which has caused a smell to linger over the area for a number of days. Presidential hopeful Ksenia Sobchak arrived in Volokolamsk to join the rally. She addressed the crowd and called on local authorities to close the landfill. «I call for the closing of Yadrovo... Еще, as they have already closed Kuchino [another waste plant in Moscow region],» Sobcak said. Sobchak also visited the unit and talked to its management. Volokolamsk residents are calling for the plant’s closure due to bad smell in the area that causes allergic reactions and issues with people’s lungs and skin. According to one of the residents, who took part in the rally, people living there are being «poisoned.»

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