Russia: Snowstorm strands 250 trucks at Ukraine border

Journalist (Russian): «Since last night?» Petr, lorry driver, (Russian): «It will soon be a day [since we’ve been here].» Journalist (Russian): «And what’s happening there?» Petr, lorry driver, (Russian): «I don’t know. We were told that it’s because of snow or something like that. The main reason is because they cannot clear, but what exactly they cannot clear they didn't tell... Еще.» Journalist (Russian): «How many kilometers is it to the border?» Petr, lorry driver, (Russian): «It is 4.7 kilometres [2.9 miles] to the border.» Journalist (Russian): «And where are you from?» Petr, lorry driver, (Russian): «I am from Ukraine.» More than 250 trucks were stuck at the Russian-Ukrainian border due to a severe snowstorm on Saturday, as shown in footage shot in the Russian Bryansk Region on Monday. According to reports, the Ukrainian side suspended the admission of cargo vehicles to the territory of Ukraine, until the roads are cleared. «We've been waiting here since last night. It will soon be a day [since we’ve been here],» said one of the lorry drivers.

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