Russia: Smerch ship hits drifting target with Uran cruise missile in Sea of Japan — MoD

The Pacific Fleet's Smerch modernised small missile ship launched an Uran anti-ship cruise missile at a drifting training target in the Sea of Japan, as seen in footage released by the Russian Ministry of Defence on Tuesday. The Kh-35 cruise missile successfully hit a drifting target from a distance of more than 50 km (30 miles), according to the MoD's statement. The task was performed with the... Еще help of ten warships and auxiliary vessels of the Pacific Fleet, as well as a naval aircraft, the statement added. The repair and modernisation of the Smerch small missile ship took place in Kamchatka at the JSC 'Northeast Repair Center' as well as in the 'Dalzavod' centre of ship repair in Vladivostok. During this period, the vessel changed its Malakhit missile system to the Uran anti-ship cruise missile system and was equipped with new artillery.

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