Russia: Skripal suspects turned to media for ‘protection’ *EXCLUSIVE*

SOT, Ruslan Boshirov (Russian): “No.” SOT, Aleksandr Petrov (Russian): “We think it’s nonsense.” Simonyan: “Did you have a bottle of Nina Ricci perfume, which the British side has given as evidence of, what they consider, your crime?” Boshirov: “Wouldn’t it be stupid for a normal bloke to carry a women’s perfume. All your items are checked when you go through customs and I think the police... Еще would have had these questions if we had had anything on us. Why would a man have women’s perfume in his luggage?” Petrov: “Even the man on the street would probably have this question. Why would a man have a woman’s perfume?” Simonyan: “Where would your average Joe see your fragrance?” Boshirov: “When you’re going through customs…” Simonyan: “In a word, did you have Nina Ricci perfume with you?” Petrov: “Of course not.” Boshirov: “No.” Simonyan: “While we’re talking about so-called ‘normal guys,’ on all the videos you’re always together, lived together, were together, went everywhere together, what unites you?” Boshirov: “Let’s not delve into our private lives, we came to speak to you for protection and this has turned into an interrogation and we’re getting too deep, we’re asking for protection, this is not an interrogation.” Simonyan: “We’re journalists, not guards or lawyers. My next question is why did you come to the media? Your names and photos were published a while ago and you were silent and today you called me and decided to talk to the press. Why?” Boshirov: “To ask for protection.” Petrov: “If you can call it silent, after our lives turned into living nightmares we didn’t know what to do, who to turn to, the police, the Investigative Committee, the British embassy, the FSB.” Simonyan: “Why the British embassy?” Petrov: “We had no idea what to do, who to turn to.” Boshirov: “You know when your live gets completely turned upside down and shaken, you don’t know what to do or where to go. Many people ask why would I go to the British embassy.” Simonyan: “You see what people are writing about you?” Boshirov: “No we don’t [sarcastically]. Of course we do.” Petrov: “Of course we read because we cannot even go outside. We’re scared.” Simonyan: “Of what?” Boshirov: “We’re scared for ourselves, we’re scared for our lives, our relatives and the people who know us.” Simonyan: “You’re worried that the English intelligence services will kill you?” Petrov: “You should read our newspapers, find out about the reward.” Simonyan: “I’ve not seen that they’re after your heads.” Boshirov: “Gudkov announced a trip to the UK for anyone who brings these two people back. Do you think that’s ok? Do you think you can just sit, walk around, smile and greet people? Any normal person would be scared. That’s it” Simonyan: “Why did you call me? Why did you come on our channel?” Boshirov: “We were reading the news today about your Telegram, you were on Telegram today.” Simonyan: “Now I know who reads my Telegram!” Petrov: “I’m not sure if you can air this or not.” Simonyan: “Say it, if we can’t then we won’t” Petrov: “Come forward you sons of bitches, like you said.” Simonyan: �\x80\x9CQueue up sons of bitches! [A reference to Bulgakov’s Heart of a Dog]” Petrov: “Yes” Boshirov: “So having read this we decided to call you.” Simonyan: “Putin addressed you today, it was in the media everywhere, he said we know who these people are let them come forward to the media

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