Russia: Skripal suspects deny working for military intelligence *EXCLUSIVE*

SOT, Ruslan Boshirov (Russian): “No, and do you work for the GRU.” Simonyan: “I don't, and you?” Boshirov: “No” Petrov: “Me neither.” Simonyan: “But I am not accused on working for GRU, but you are.” Petrov: “Thanks God.” Boshirov: “Your colleagues are accusing us.” Simonyan: “Not only my colleagues, but I think you mean journalists in general. You are being accused by UK police that... Еще you are working for the GRU.” Petrov: “Yes, and probably, this is the scariest part.” Simonyan: “So where are you working? You are adults, you have to live somehow.” Petrov: “If we will talk now about our business...” Boshirov: “People will suffer, people that we work with. And we don’t want it.” Simonyan: “Tell us at least something, what do you do?” Petrov: “Shortly, it is the fitness industry.” **PART 3, MORE TO FOLLOW**​

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