Russia: 'Simply unacceptable' — US Ambassador explains airstrikes on Syria

«I wanted to be sure that you heard directly why the United States and others have resolved to take the actions that we have in Syria,» said the US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman regarding US-led airstrikes in a statement released by the US Embassy in Moscow on Saturday. He went on to say the 'chemical weapons attack by the Syrian regime against innocent civilians' in the city of Douma on... Еще April 7 was 'horrifying and required an immediate response from the international community.' Huntsman mentioned that the United States has called on all members of the international community to «hold the perpetrators of these horrific attacks accountable,» and added «our allies agreed on the necessity for a strong, joint response.» The US Ambassador reaffirmed that the United States 'communicated with the Russian Federation to reduce the danger of any Russian or civilian casualties' before they took action. The US, UK and France launched airstrikes against multiple government targets in Damascus early on Saturday morning, targeting alleged chemical weapons sites as well as a Syrian military base in Homs. The airstrikes are in response to the claims of an alleged chemical weapons attack on Douma last week. Syria and Russia have both denied the allegations, calling them «staged» and a «fabrication.»

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