Russia: Siberian sapper Labrador trains to serve in Syria

A one-year old Labrador, named Russel, has been trained to become the first Siberian dog-sapper in Syria, as shown in footage filmed in Irkutsk on Saturday. The staff of the Irkutsk K-9 Nursery have been training the short-haired mongrel Labrador ahead of its service in the Syrian conflict zone. As soon as the dog completes training activities, it will be involved in de-mining activities... Еще, including the search for explosive devices in buildings and the detection of people who are carrying weapons. The dog is being trained by the nursery's head Vyacheslav Slavin, who had trained dogs for a mine-searching service in the army. The training is done in cooperation with Russia's Volunteer Society for Cooperation with the Army, Aviation and Navy (DOSAAF). Slavin noted that Russel «has very good qualities» needed for a dog-sapper's job. He also noted that the Labrador has been trained to track various explosives and their components, rather than a specific one.

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