Russia: Shocking video shows nurse apparently shaking and throwing 8-month-old orphan girl

Tatiana Boyarshinova witnessed and filmed the shocking scenes of a nurse apparently shaking and throwing down an eight-month-old orphan girl at a children's hospital in Novosibirsk on Sunday. «I was in the corridor with my child at that moment. I was looking at this picture shown in the video in the reflection of the door, where the nurse repeatedly turns to the child, picks her up and throws... Еще her down on the bed,» Boyarshinova said. She said that the nurse spanked the girl, beat her on the head, lifted her by one arm and threw her down. The witness spoke to doctors about what had happened, but was told she had no right to film anything or to post the video anywhere. «She [the doctor] asked me not to post this video anywhere because I could bear criminal responsibility for it and I have no rights to film the baby,» Boyarshinova said. The child is reported to be in good health, but no official information has been made available. The Russian Investigative Committee has begun a criminal investigation into the case.

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