Russia: Sheep slaughtered for Eid al-Adha celebrations in Makhachkala

The Muslim community in Makhachkala slaughtered sheep on Tuesday to mark the Eid al-Adha festival, or the festival of sacrifice. The animals were brought from all over the republic and were held in about 80 pens. There were also areas for slaughtering the animals, dining rooms and showers. Around 200 people worked on the site, including butchers and cooks. «At last, this day has come, which we... Еще celebrate every year by the will of Allah,” one butcher said. “It is the unification of all people, the feast of our soul,” he added. Reportedly, people from different parts of Dagestan helped in carrying out the holiday. Eid al-Adha is the second of two globally celebrated holidays in Islam, the other Eid Al-Fitr, with the former marking Ibrahim/Abraham's will to sacrifice his son to God before Jibra'il/Gabriel's intervention. Animals are often sacrificed on the holiday to remember the offering.

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