Russia: «Serious concern» — Zakharova on US-made anti-missile systems in Japan

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova held her weekly news briefing in Moscow on Thursday, discussing topics such as ties with the US and Japan’s placement of American-made anti-missile systems on its territory, among other subjects. “Japan’s recent decision concerning the placement of the American Aegis Ashore anti-missile systems on its territory causes deep regret, great... Еще concern,” she said, adding that it “is another step towards making the Asia-Pacific region a full segment of the global US anti-missile system.” She also announced that Russia was ready to cancel a number of agreements with the US under the Open Skies Treaty, in response to Washington creating barriers to Moscow’s observation activities. Commenting on the upcoming presidential election in Russia, Zakharova said the US State Department had “accused” Russia of pressuring potential candidates. «On what grounds US officials consider themselves entitled to assess the internal political processes of other countries remains unknown,» she stated.


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