Russia: Serbia ‘only country’ not to impose Russia sanctions — Pres. Vucic

Reporter: “Than Obama?” Alexander Vucic , Serbian President: “Of course.” Reporter: “Why?” Alexander Vucic, Serbian President: “I do not know. Because Serbs have always thought that it was Democrats’ fault when they launched that aggression against Serbia and they always supported Republican party within the US. And Trump as you said , he is pretty much unconventional, you know, and we know... Еще only few things about his politics, almost nothing about his politics in the Balkans. But at least John Bolton, that is what I discussed with Minister Lavrov today as well, he opened the doors for a possible arrangement between Belgrade and Pristina. That is what we appreciate and that is slightly a change of their politics but we have to see, we have to wait, we have to see.” Serbian President Alexander Vucic remarked that ‘Serbia is the only country that did not impose any sanctions against Russia’ during an interview for the SophieCo show in Moscow on Tuesday, October 2. “Do you really think that it is an easy decision for Serbia? Do you really think that we did not face a lot of pressure from different sides on this issue? Yes, we did,” he said. Vucic has previously stated that he would not be willing to cut ties with Russia in return for EU membership. He added that Serbia has ‘no aspirations to join NATO. Not at all.’ Vucic pointed out that he was willing to reach a deal with Albanians over the Kosovo dispute but added that it would have to be a compromise and not detrimental to the Serbian side. “It has been always about [an] overall package and the land deal is not the most important part of that package,” he stressed. “But there are no real proposals on partition or land swaps or everything else that you have heard for so many times.” Vucic criticised the West in their dealing with the Kosovo-Serbia border conflict and said they were to blame for opening ‘Pandora’s box.’

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