Russia: See record-breaking long-range «Twilight» sniper rifle hit the target in Tarusa

Russian arms manufacturer Lobaev demonstrated its record-breaking ultra long-range SVLK-14 'Sumrak' ('Twilight') bolt action sniper rifle, in Kaluga's Tarusa (Tarussa), Monday. Earlier in October, Russian marksman Andrei Ryabinski reportedly set a new world record after hitting a 1-metre square target placed at 4,210 metres (13,812 feet) away. It is said to have taken some 13 seconds for the... Еще bullet to reach its target. Founder of the Russian arms manufacturer, Vladislav Lobaev, noted that the arms manufacturer «had to increase the muzzle velocity from from 930 metres per second [3348 kilometres per hour] to 1,000 metres per second [3600 kilometres per hour],» adding that «this is actually a very serious velocity for that caliber. The bullet weighing 28 grammes [0,06 pounds] was developed and made by our company and is heavier than the standard 408 Chey Tac.» The longest confirmed sniper kill shot in history was made in June by a Canadian Special Forces sniper who shot a militant in Iraq from 3,540 metres (11,614 feet) away. The shot was made using a US-made McMillan TAC-50 rifle. The 'Sumrak' sniper rifle is manufactured using various composite materials, such as carbon fibre, Kevlar and fiberglass, which are integrated into aluminium chassis and stainless steel barrel. The rifle costs some 1.7 million roubles ($29,353/€24,906). The rifle is currently undergoing government tests, which include operating the weapon in -50°C and +50°C (-58°F; –122°F). Accoding to Lobaev, the arms company is hoping that the 'Sumrak' rifle will be fully adopted by the Russian military by December this year.

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