Russia: Search teams embark on mission to find sunken WW2 warships in Black Sea

W/S Dolphins in Black SeaW/S ShipC/U MastM/S SailorW/S ShipsM/S Expedition membersM/S Recovered item lifted from underwaterC/U Recovered itemM/S Recovered itemsC/U Recovered itemC/U Recovered itemsW/S Recovered itemsC/U Recovered itemsSOT, Anatoly Kalimber, Head of the Search, Repair and Restoration Department of the Patriot Park exhibits (Russian): «This cannon, created by the Russian and then... Еще Soviet artillery designer Franz Franzevich Lender in 1914-1915, is quite unique. It was used in the World War I. 76 such cannons were made to combat aircraft."M/S Cadet Kirovets P-350 ship passingC/U Cadet Kirovets P-350 ship passingM/S Wreaths lowered to the waterW/S Ship's crew salutingM/S Navy orchestra playingM/S Ship's crew throwing flowers in the seaW/S Cadet Kirovets P-350 shipSOT, Andrei Taranov, Department's Deputy Head at the Russian Defence Ministry (Russian): «Names [of those killed during WW2] were known, of course, they were known during the war, because there was information available on those who disappeared. They just did not return from the job, the connection was lost, they could not be found, and here we are now, at their very last location."M/S WreckageM/S Recovered itemsSCRIPTRussian Defence Ministry launched an underwater expedition off the coast of Crimea, near Sevastopol, Wednesday, in an attempt to locate possible shipwreck from the World War II.Search teams sifted their way through sand to unearth sunken a 76-mm anti-aircraft cannon, which was a part of the warship sank in 1943.The second stage of the expedition will take place in Adzhimushkay quarries from July 31 to August 12. Search teams will examine the bottom of the Black Sea to recover remains of the fallen defenders of Kerch. More than 100 people are expected to take part in the expedition including the Black Sea Fleet personnel.

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