Russia: Search operations continue into fourth day at An-148 crash site

Search operations continued at the site of the Saratov Airlines An-148 crash in Stepanovskoye, Moscow Region, on Wednesday. Search teams could be seen sorting through debris as drones flew overhead studying the area. Russia’s Interstate Aviation Committee’s (IAC) latest preliminary conclusions have revealed that the disaster occurred because of ice-covered sensors, which resulted in the pilots... Еще receiving incorrect flight speed data. The conclusions were made by IAC specialists after the data from the plane’s black boxes was decoded. IAC’s report says that the data on the speedometers began to differ two and a half minutes after take-off, after which the aircraft’s autopilot was turned off and the pilots started an aggressive descent in order to regain speed. The plane hit the ground shortly afterwards at a speed of 800 kilometres per hour (500 mph). The airliner was heading to the city of Orsk when the crash occurred some 80 kilometres (50 miles) south-east of Moscow. All of the 71 people on board died.

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