Russia: Search operation descends into diamond mine where 8 people are missing

The search and rescue operation is ongoing at Mir diamond mine, in Mirni, Sakha region on Sunday, after the pumping station at the mine flooded earlier in the week. The Deputy Director of Myrninsky mining and processing facility for production, Vladislav Ivanov, stated that climbers, from the town of Aikhal, were dispatched for the exploratory operation. He stated that the rescuers' task «is... Еще to descend to minus 128 degrees down and below, to descend above the water-conducting portal, where we have a number of wells drilled from underground mine workings, to knock on them, get quite possibly signs of some kind of response from those guys who worked at that level, before the collapse.» A total of 142 miners were evacuated following a flooding at the station. According to EMERCOM, 32 officers are conducting search and rescue operations on site.

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