Russia: Saudi riders! Four hardcore fans follow their team to Russia on bikes

Four bikers from Saudi Arabia, known as ‘The Travelers’, followed their team to Russia support it in the 2018 World Cup, footage filmed on Monday shows the bikers in Rostov ahead of the match against Uruguay on Wednesday. ‘The Travelers’ flew all the way from Saudi Arabia to Frankfurt, had their bikes shipped and then rode them to Moscow to catch their team’s first game. Saudi Arabia’s heavy 5... Еще-0 defeat against Russia does not seem to have put the brakes on the bikers’ optimism. “They are getting back together, God willing, we'll make a better game on the next coming two days,” one of the bikers said. “We love Russian people and the whole city is beautiful, Moscow and Rostov as well,” the biker said. After Wednesday’s match, the bikers will follow the ‘Green Falcons’ to Volograd where their team will face Egypt on June 25.

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