Russia: Sarmat designer says new ICBM can overcome defence systems

The RS-28 Sarmat Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) will have increased capabilities in overcoming anti-ballistic missile defence systems compared to its predecessor, according to the General Designer of Makeyev State Rocket Centre, Vladimir Dyagtyar. «The Sarmat's propulsion engines works faster and the height of the active phase of flight has also been reduced,» Dyagtyar said when... Еще comparing the missile, now in its active testing phase, to the R-36 M2 Voevoda system it is set to replace. Russia's recent achievements in weapons systems and research were prominently featured in Russian President Vladimir Putin's s annual address to the Federal Assembly on 1 March. The Sarmat, when ready, will replace the R-36 ICBM system which was designed during the time of the Soviet Union. The R-36M given the NATO reporting name SS-18 Satan, is currently on display along with other Russian intercontinental missiles at the training and scientific centre at the Peter the Great Strategic Missile Force Academy in the Moscow Region. The R-36M-2 Voevoda is a 209-tonne (460,000lbs) two-stage intercontinental ballistic missile powered by liquid fuel and has an operational range of up to 16,200 km (10,066 miles).

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