Russia's Forrest Gump arrives in Beijing

Russian runner, Alexander Kaper, arriving in Beijing, on Tuesday, after running for 200 days setting off from Moscow in early March. Kaper celebrated his arrival with a short run in Beijing’s Olympic park, joined by a group of Chinese fans. The runner travelled almost 8,000 kilometres (4,970 miles) and destroyed 8 pairs of running shoes as he passed through 16 Russian regions, and three... Еще countries. Alexander Kaper, stated “I was running with a big backpack, with a sleeping bag too, because I had to sleep outside. Also I had to carry a lot of water — I didn’t know where I’d be able to buy it next. So the skin on my back was all rubbed off because of the backpack, and it wouldn’t heal for a while as I had to carry the same backpack every day. It was a vicious cycle.” Alexander Kaper has taken part in multiple long-distance marathons, with journalists dubbing him «Russian Forrest Gump».

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