Russia: S-400 Triumph missile-defence systems activated on DPRK-Russian border

The Russian S-400 Triumph missile anti-aircraft system was activated in the Primorsky region of Russia on Friday, at the border with North Korea. The system is aimed at destroying aircraft, ground targets and ballistic and cruise missiles. Alexei Morokov, Commander of Air Defense regiment announced that «today the regular S-400 air-defence complex is entering into service and putting on alert... Еще towards the Primorsky direction.» According to the commander, the personnel of the regiment are ready and «have made the big way since first training.» The Triumph complex «became more mobile» and «the number of engaged targets has increased,» stated Morokov, adding that «the complex became more autonomous.» The surface-to-air missile system was activated simultaneously at four locations, in Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai, Zelenogorsk and Leningrad Region.

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