Russia: S-400 lauded as lynchpin to Crimea’s air-defence

Russia’s second division military unit demonstrated their S-400 air-defence system vehicles during a ceremony in Sevastopol on Saturday after using the systems in combat during the ongoing Crimea dispute. The opening ceremony took place in a military base and was led by commander of the 4th Air Force and Air-defence army Victor Sevastyanov. During the ceremony the equipment and soldiers were... Еще blessed by a priest. Known as 'Triumph', the S-400 air-defence system is stationed in the Fiolent cape and is targeted to control the border with Ukraine. Deeming the stationed system «the most powerful and the most advanced air-defence system in the world», commander Victor Sevastyanov told journalists that it, «allows to provide in-depth air-defence over the peninsula of Crimea.» Earlier, the Russian President’s press-secretary Dmitri Peskov stated that the deployment of yet another S-400 air-defence system in Crimea is a measure to ensure Russia’s security and should not be perceived as a threat. Sevastopol MP Dmitri Belik said that the current S-400 system is completing Crimea’s air-defence system, “nobody will have any chance to fly over here neither by plane, nor by drone, nor any other space device, ” he stated.

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