Russia: Russians ‘very sensitive’ and ‘very kind’ — US boxing legend Mike Tyson

Legendary US boxer and former world champion Mike Tyson spoke about his leisure time and future plans when attending the international mixed martial arts (MMA) tournament in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk on Saturday. Tyson stated that he does not miss boxing, saying that «when I see people fighting, I don't miss it at all.» The global boxing icon also said that a movie career did not seem... Еще attractive to him and that he is «only interested in hanging out with my kids. My kids are my new best friends.» When asked about his impression of Russian people, Tyson said that they are «very sensitive» and «very kind,» adding that the Russians «don't have that reputation in America.» The former boxing champion also joked about his known love for pigeons, exclaiming that «I spend all my money on my pigeons.» The MMA tournament took place in Chelyabinsk's 'Traktor' Arena on Saturday. Tyson attended the battle between Russian MMA fighter Ivan Shtirkov and Polish MMA fighter Marcin Lazarz. The US former boxer attended the tournament's major event along with Russian-Australian professional boxer Kostya Tszyu.

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